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Small Businesses, Big Questions

Starting a business is not easy. I’m sure many of you who have experienced the litany of stressors that come with finding ways to simultaneously sustain operations, maximize ROI, increase customer satisfaction, decrease your hours in your timesheets, and maintain your sanity.

I can honestly say I’m not a sucker for promotional ads. The sheer amount of advertisements we’re inundated with can be overwhelming and demoralizing at times, but I’ll attest to the fact that there are instances where I see the light good side of advertising.

Over the last six months Intuit has gone around the country asking different entrepaneurs questions about their businesses, illustrating a really nice tapestry of what it means to start and maintain a business. From knife welders to bee keepers, the range of types of businesses is astounding, and surprising in how independent of industry, we all attempt to answer the same questions.

There are A TON of businesses they interviewed, each with five two minute long episodes, and I think Intuit did a good job a facilitating a community business owners. Check out some of my favorite questions and answers below, and see more on Intuit’s YouTube page right here.

How did you get your start?

How do you innovate and expand your business?

What financial strategies help keep you prepared?


What did you consider when creating your business plan?

How do you measure growth and success?

How do you stay motivated through hard times?

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