Why Lightspeed Restaurant?

As a cloud based restaurant management system, Lightspeed Restaurant offers you access from anywhere, with unique tools to help your staff engage with customers and a modern easy to use staff interface. With centralized multi-location staff management, you can change the description of an item in all locations at once, reducing mistakes from both waitstaff and kitchen. Integrations with key functionality like MarketMan allow for agile inventory management, purchasing, menu costing and wastage. Lightspeed’s free on-boarding and training, with 24/7 technical support included, make it a smart choice!

Lightspeed Restaurant Key Features

Inventory Management is the first step in delivering a great dining experience. Develop clear visibility into what you have in stock and what needs reordering so your customers are never disappointed.
A Customizable Menu allows you to add or remove items in minutes. Include photos and descriptions to let guests know exactly what to order.
With an Adjustable Floor-Plan, ensure table activity is updated in the system real-time so your staff always know where to go and the customer never waits too long.
With Self-Service Ordering, let customers order directly at their table (via an iPad or at a kiosk) and save time by sending their orders directly to the kitchen.
Flexible Billing allows you to forget about manual calculations and big headaches when it comes to check splitting. Divide, group, transfer items between seats and give customers the freedom to pay as they choose.
With Upsell Reminders, your staff won’t miss the opportunity to make the right suggestions.Upsell reminders
Lightspeed’s PMS integration allows you to connect your PMS to your POS and give your hotel guests a seamless experience -from their room to the restaurant area
Want to travel and keep an eye on your establishment? With Remote Access, not a problem -Lightspeed Restaurant moves with you.
Scheduling Integration gives you an overview of your employees’ schedules during peak periods so you can effectively prepare for your staffing needs.
Lightspeed’s Product Reports identify your top selling products, your orders and your current stock as well as aggregate all the information related to costs and taxes.
With User Reports, track every transaction processed by your staff and a list of the receipts per user with tip information included.
Gift Card and Loyalty Integration expand your reach and increase the word of mouth. Build loyalty programs and reward your most loyal customers, while strengthening customer relationships and driving repeat business

Lightspeed Restaurant Target Audience

Restaurants with table service
Quick Service Restaurants
Hotels looking for a PMS interface and require between 2-5 terminals.

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