Why Lightspeed/PlanDay/QBO Bundle?

With Lightspeed’s all-in-one management system, organize your stock impeccably, sell in-store and online from a single omni-channel system, customizing reports with powerful QuickBooks analytics tools to grow your business efficiently — all while staying on top of your retail store reporting. Combine that with advanced employee scheduling software made simple and you just left the competition breathless!

Lightspeed, PlanDay, QBO Key Features

Manage your sales, inventory and staff from your laptop or iPad. Make better business decisions and track your stock, all from one system.
Easily build your employee schedule by taking into account scheduled vacations, staff availability, payroll costs and more.
Run and export reports including expenses, profit & loss, and balance sheets, or create customer reports, to get insights.
Connect these apps to share your business information so you don’t have to enter data twice. Inventory, employee and sales and expense data let you see everything in one place.
Communication has never been easier. Update your staff with any changes as soon as they log in, or use the messaging functionality to communicate with your employees.
With the flexibility of a mobile POS, you can join your customers wherever they are – on the sales floor, online or at events. You never need to leave your store or inventory behind.

Lightspeed Restaurant Target Audience

Any SMB Retailer or Restauranteur looking to:

  • advance their revenue potential
  • dramatically impact the organization of their sales and staffing
  • automate bookkeeping records with efficiency and accuracy
  • track end-to-end business practices in robust reporting formats
  • position brand recognition ahead of the competition

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